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Biome Update Now With Teleporter (#29)
Hey Tal'Dorians! The Update is finally ready to go out; we are just giving it over to a couple of streamers to playtest for us and then off it will go to the co...
Cooking Is Around The Corner (#28)
Hey Tal'Dorians! We are in the bug killing phase which means the big update is just around the corner! Everything that we had been talking about in the last art...
Talking NPCs and Food (DDD #27)
Hey Tal'Dorians! We are really excited to be showing you some new content in relationship to our first crafting profession! On top of that, we also have some ne...
More Skills, Crafting Soon (DDD #26)
Hey Tal'Dorians! We hope you have really been enjoying the first two skills for each class and we have good news that our next update is just around the corner...
Version 1.0.1 - Skills and More (DDD #25)
Hey Tal'Dorians! Skills have made it into the game and are ready for you to play with friends. The multiplayer side of skills was giving us some trouble, but wi...
Skills, Next Update, Streamer Preview (DDD #24)
Hey Tal'Dorians! Seeing as we recently released, we will want to make sure that we are keeping everyone informed about what we have been working on so here is a...
Dungeon of Tal'Doria is OUT NOW!
Hey Tal'Dorians! The day has finally come when you can explore the world of Tal'Doria, break into crypts, walk under giant mushrooms, jump down wells, and more!...
Release Date And New Features (DDD #23)
Hey Tal'Dorians! For those who have not been following us on discord, we have an official release date for early access to share in this update, as well as expl...
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i like the game but i want a update please
started by introvertdev Mar 15, 2022
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